About the Practice

GeroPsych Maine LLC is the professional clinical psychology practice of Dr. Tom Meuser serving adults aged 55+ years and providing in-home consultation and evaluation for cognitive, emotional, neuropsychological, and functional wellness in aging. View Dr. Meuser's resume HERE.

GeroPsych Maine LLC is a fee-for-service practice and does not accept Medicare or bill private insurance. Full payment is due by credit card (i.e., through a secure online system) or check at the time of service. Individual financial needs may be considered. View Brochure.

GeroPsych Maine LLC serves older adults and their families across Maine. Dr. Meuser is happy to travel long-ish distances. He does not charge for roundtrip travel within 30 miles of Portland. A roundtrip mileage charge (i.e., Federal rate) is added for farther distances.

Neurocognitive and neuropsychological evaluations usually occur in the client’s home. Wellness consultation and follow-up feedback meetings are usually offered via a secure video connection. Individual circumstances are considered when scheduling.

VIEW the practice brochure with service descriptions and pricing.

All clients receive a typed PDF report within 1-2 weeks of their in-home session. A “super bill” is also provided at that time with the necessary codes and diagnostic information for personal insurance submission for potential reimbursement.

Dr. Tom Meuser is the director and sole clinician employee of this Professional Limited Liability Company (P-LLC) which formed in 2023. All services to clients are provided by Dr. Meuser himself. Many psychologists organize their practices in this way.

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Testing is the best way to know if observed deficits in memory and thinking are normal for age or suggestive of a stable or progressive disease process. Each level of service involves a testing component: wellness consultation (brief screening), neurocogitive evaluation (detailed screening), & full geriatric neuropsychological evaluation.

Gerontological assessement is a "high touch" activity best conducted in a person's home environment. In-office evaluation is necessarily artificial and can miss important indicators of personal function and wellness.