Why might you seek consultation and evaluative services from GeroPsych Maine LLC? Because you have questions. Many factors impact on health, wellness, and function in advancing age. Questions about memory, mental acuity, competence, mood, personal capabilities, care needs, vulnerabiltities, strengths, wishes, etc., are common and yet also highly individualized. Dr. Meuser can help put such questions into context for you, your loved ones, and your healthcare providers.

Tom Meuser with friend, Marjorie Allen, age 99.

“Chronic health challenges have me down. Am I depressed? How can I feel better?"


“Something isn’t right with my memory. Could I be at risk for Alzheimer’s disease?”


"My doctor suggested neuropsychological testing for my wife. What does this entail?"

"My father is showing signs of dementia, but his primary care doctor isn’t sure what kind. His personality has changed the most. He seems to have lost his filter and says awful things. What might be causing this?”


"I'm an introvert by nature, but I worry that I am too isolated these days and want to explore new options."


“I am worried about my mother in Maine. I live 500 miles away and only see her a few times per year. She’s not seemed herself on the phone in recent months. Her neighbors are worreid about her. I’d really appreciate a professional opinion on her wellness.”

"My mother is having difficulty getting words out. She also uses the wrong words Her primary care doctor said she has aphasia. She seems to understand me, especialy when she can also read my body language. What could be causing this?"